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July Meeting Recap: Infectious Disease!

July’s meeting of The Ladder brought together medical scholars of all ages to the UROC in North Minneapolis to learn about infectious disease. In addition to learning about different varieties and causes of infectious disease, we learned about those folks in medicine & … Continue reading

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Next Meeting of The Ladder – July 12th: Infectious Disease!

They’re everywhere…all around you…on you…in you…no – we’re not being paranoid or conspiracy theorists – we’re talking about microorganisms (or microbes for short!)! And by microorganisms we mean critters like bacteria, viruses, yeasts – all the beasties that are microscopic (unable to be seen … Continue reading

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June Meeting Recap: ENT Medicine & Physiology

At June’s meeting of the Ladder, medical scholars gathered for food, fun and learning about ENT (ears/nose/throat) medicine and physiology! First, while sharing lunch in small groups, medical scholars introduced themselves to one another and spent some time sharing perspectives on a couple of particularly relevant thoughts from … Continue reading

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