“The Ladder” Pledge

“The Ladder”Pledge, the Twelve Rungs

  1. We believe our true self is Wise and Compassionate, and seek to know this Self.
  2. We take full Responsibility for our choices
  3. We take full Responsibility for our actions
  4. We strive each day to Appreciate the good in ourselves, our community and our lives
  5. We are Determined to correct any mistake that we may have made and Determine to take right action now and in the future.
  6. We embrace the truth, that each day we can be the Right person and do the Right thing, starting now.
  7. We seek to see the best parts of others and speak directly to that being.
  8. We seek to see the good in our communities
  9. We seek to serve the positive works in our communities
  10. We seek Knowledge, and desire to act from Wisdom
  11. We will spread by our actions and our lives the principles of a successful community,    “Lift as you climb, build as you grow.”
  12. We know we will succeed because we will never give up,

This I Pledge.

Each Meeting Begins and End with The Pledge.

The Monthly Meetings are the Gatherings and the Foundation to Build Strong Bonds. Fourth grade, through Middle school, to High school, College, Medical school, Resident and Intern Physicians all the way to Attending Physicians…all members of The Ladder.

“Lift as you Climb, Build as you Grow”

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