Who We Are

The Ladder is first and foremost all of YOU – a Society of Medical Scholars of all ages and experience levels:

groupPhoto2 cropAdditionally, here are some of the “rungs” of the Ladder who work to make the meetings happen every month and scare up all the cool demonstrations and gear and devices and guests:

renee Renee Crichlow, MD is a family medicine physician at the Broadway Family Medicine Clinic
shailey Shailendra Prasad, MD, MPH is a family medicine physician at the Broadway Family Medicine Clinic
Brian Brian Park is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Minnesota, who completed his third-year rotations in North Minneapolis and Broadway Family  edicine clinic. He was so fortunate to have people support him on his journey towards medical school, and is enthusiastic about helping younger generations on the same path.
cedith Cedith Giddings is a junior at Augsburg College,majoring in biology. After her undergraduate years she would like to pursue a career in medicine. She is grateful for the advice given to her from her fellow Ladder scholars.
andrea Andrea Vlasak, MD
keri Keri Bergeson, MD
 kathyMahan Kathy Mahan is a fourth year medical student at the University of Minnesota. She plans to continue her medical training at a residency program within the Twin Cities. She believes in the mission of the Ladder and hopes to continue to grow, inspire, and be inspired from her involvement with this exciting inter-generational mentoring program.
elizabethBeckman Elizabeth Beckman
sandyLee Sandy Lee
KristineAnderson Kristine Anderson
marielLougee Mariel Lougee
Kevin Raff, MD
Gillian Gentling, MD, MPH
Timothy Kufahl, MD, MS
Tria Lor, MD
Susan Pleasants, MD
Nikki VandenBerg, MD

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