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The Ladder in University of Minnesota

“Family Medicine Connection” Summer 2013

The Ladder: Lifting the Next Generation of Health Leaders

The Ladder is a unique mentorship program/club in North Minneapolis for kids who are interested in health
careers. The club incorporates service learning, leadership development, and cascading mentorship.
Program goals include:
• Build a community of learners and leaders
• Create supportive intergenerational and peer-to-peer bonds
• Bridge the divide between communities and their academic neighbors
• Link young members and their families to a viable pathway for
building through personal and community enrichment
North Memorial residency faculty
Reneé Crichlow, MD, is one of the founding members of The Ladder. In a recent interview with
Insight News,Crichlow shared more about this innovative program…

The LADDER – Building the next generation of healthcare providers in North Minneapolis INSIGHT NEWS JUNE 2013

I asked Dr. Renee Crichlow to tell me about the Ladder. She is a physician at Broadway Family Medicine and professor at University of Minnesota School of Medicine and one of the founding members of the Ladder. Here is what she had to say.

Dr Winbush:
What is The Ladder?

Dr. Crichlow: “Our motto is ‘Lift as you climb, build as you grow’. The Ladder arises from the belief that we have within our community the ability to help each other develop to our fullest potential. The way that we do this is through encouraging one another. It is not about the adults ‘telling’ kids what to do. It is about creating an environment where we all can learn from each other. This is why the only title we use within Ladder is ‘scholar’. At The Ladder we are all scholars, working together to learn and support one another. At the meeting we all, no matter what age or level of achievement are addressed as medical scholars. At our meetings I am no longer Doctor Crichlow, I am Medical Scholar Renee. We are all equal and present to help each other grow. The Ladder members’ core principles are: ” a scholar reads, a scholar listens, a scholar teaches and a scholar learns”. To reinforce these principles at the beginning and end of each meeting we encourage each other to read (in addition to homework) at least 30 minutes every day to strengthen our brains…The LADDER – Building the next generation of healthcare providers in North Minneapolis INSIGHT NEWS JUNE 2013

“Lift as you Climb, Build as you Grow

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