Broadway Family Medicine

Broadway Family Medicine Has been a part of the North Minneapolis Community for over 30 years and in that time has been the clinical home for numerous families in the North community and the UMN North Memorial Family Medicine Resident Physician training program.  At “Broadway” we have stated in our mission is that the “community we serve is what keeps us relevant’. This is to emphasize the role our community plays in our activities. We have also committed to finding new and innovative educational models to emphasize the comprehensive education of our learners at every level of medical training.

The clinic is also certified as a medical home ( “health care home” in Minnesota) and we acknowledge that our activities with our patients do not begin and end within the clinic. Further we have acknowledged the limited role clinical medicine plays in solving many chronic diseases prevalent in the community. We strongly feel that as family doctors we are interested in the families that our patients come from and the communities that they belong. This project fits that vision appropriately and forms a structure that will aid us in building bridges within our community and facilitate the training of our residents physicians as change agents in the communities that they work in.

It is our hope that as our young physicians become members of The Ladder, they will be assisting in enriching the bridges and linkages within North Minneapolis and developing the bonds to help sustain and support the development of their future colleagues as we all climb the Ladder together. It is our hope that in the not so distant future we have resident physicians in North Minneapolis that first learned of their profession while in The Ladder.

“Lift as you climb, Build as you grow”

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