Next Ladder Meeting: The Lungs and Lung Stuff!

What do you know about your lungs? Do you use them to eat? Do you hear with them? Use them for walking? Nah – you know what they’re for: breathing!


Your lungs are 24/7 work horses. Whether you’re biking or playing soccer or basketball or doing your homework or even just sleeping – your lungs are non-stop expanding and contracting in your chest, bringing in the oxygen your body needs and kicking out the leftover carbon dioxide your body doesn’t need.

At our next Ladder meeting we’re going to learn about lungs and lung stuff (there’s a lot of stuff that goes along with the lungs!), including some hands-on learning of medical devices and procedures used to examine lungs and lung function.

So – whether you’re 9, 15, 21, 45 or 99 years old, whether you’re just starting to think about becoming a doctor, you’re already on your way to becoming one, or you’ve been practicing for years – grab your friends and join us (lunch provided!) at The Ladder this coming Saturday Feb 9th at 12:30pm at the UROC building (2001 Plymouth Ave N). The UROC building is reachable by Metro Transit bus routes 19, 32 & 7.

Here’s a link to the invitation that has all of the info – print it, post it, give it to your friends and neighbors, post it to your Twitter feed and Facebook pages!

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