What are The Ladder meetings all about anyway?

Wondering what exactly we do at Ladder meetings?


All of us who come to The Ladder gatherings are Medical Scholars, regardless of our age or experience level. We share and learn about all of the different types of health care professions possible. Did you know that in addition to doctors and nurses – there’s a whole world of other things you can be in the medical/health care realm?


At The Ladder, we also get to learn about and practice some of the procedures used by physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. At November’s meeting all of us Medical Scholars had the opportunity to learn about and try out some medical devices. Here, one of our Medical Scholars tries out an ophthalmoscope: a device sort of like a cross between a telescope and a microscope that’s used to see the inside of the eyes:



Here, one Medical Scholar has a chance to listen to another’s heart beat with a stethoscope:


Medical Scholars also had the opportunity to use reflex hammers to test reflexes on different areas of each others’ bodies:


See – you too can be a Medical Scholar and have the chance to try out some of these simple but cool procedures and devices for learning about what’s going on in the human body! The next Ladder meeting is this coming Saturday Feb. 9th at 12:30 at the UROC building on Plymouth Ave N. If you’re worried that you might be too young to be a Medical Scholar – worry no more, here’s one of our youngest and most dedicated Medical Scholars – Christopher:


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