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Next Meeting of The Ladder – June 14th: Ear/Nose/Throat Medicine & Surgery

Otolaryngology. Say what? Try oh-toe-lare-in-gol-oh-jee. Also known as ear/nose/throat medicine, or just ENT for short. The field of medicine encompasses not only some of the longest, most tongue-twisting, Latin & Greek-rooted terms you’ll ever have to hear/read/pronounce, but also plenty of impressively tidy abbreviations. Ear/nose/throat medicine has all the phenomenal cosmic … Continue reading

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April Meeting was Awesome!

Great job to all who attended and contributed to The Ladder this weekend. Special thanks to Medical Scholar Dave Olson and the Sports Medicine Crew! We had another great turn out and lots of fun and learning all over the … Continue reading

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“Scrubs, Gloves and Microscopes:” an Opportunity for High School Students

Are you a high school student interested in exploring your options for a career as a health care professional? Do you already know you want a career as a physical therapist, dentist, veterinarian, surgeon, physician or medical researcher and want … Continue reading

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