Next Session at The Ladder: Public Health! May 13th

Join us at the next session of the The Ladder to learn about how public health workers improve and protect the health of our communities. From helping access safe and nutritious foods, to making sure we have vaccinations to protect against dangerous diseases, public health aims to prevent us all from getting sick! We are excited to see all of our medical scholars at 12:30 pm on May 13 at UROC! 

Who is a medical scholar?…YOU ARE! Fourth grade, through Middle school, to High school, College, Medical school, Resident and Intern Physicians all the way to Attending Physicians…all members of The Ladder and all medical scholars.

“Healthcare Georgia Foundation.” Advancing Public Health. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 May 2017. <;.

The UROC building in North Minneapolis is located at 2001 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis.  Lunch will be provided, as well as hands-on activities and mentorship on next-steps for scholars of all ages interested in pursuing health care careers!

The UROC building is reachable by Metro Transit bus routes 19, 32 & 7.

Have a bulletin board or wall-space for info-posting? Print this off and post! Curious about what the Ladder is all about? See for yourself!

The Ladder is a Society of Medical Scholars ages 9 to 99. Meetings are every second Saturday of the month.

A Scholar Reads,
A Scholar Listens,
A Scholar Teaches and,
A Scholar Learns.

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