October Ladder Recap: Stomach And Guts!

At October’s session of the Ladder, scholars learned about all things gastrointestinal, or to put it more simply: stomach, guts and stuff!


After enjoying lunch and introductions in small groups, medical scholars spent time at three different hands-on learning stations where more senior scholars demonstrated different aspects, functions and dys-functions of the digestive system!


At one station medical scholar Meredith demonstrated the mechanical process of digestion with a couple of activities. First, medical scholars used a Ziplock bag, saltines and orange juice to get an idea of how the stomach turns food we eat into “chyme” that goes onto be processed by the rest of the digestive system. Meredith then demonstrated, using nylons, how the large intestines work to extract water from what’s left of food that makes it past the small intestines!


At another station, medical scholar Shailey walked younger scholars through the process of diagnosing gastrointestinal medical problems like appendicitis, ulcers and colon cancer using scopes, X-rays and CT scan imaging.


At the third station, medical scholars played games and solved puzzles to learn more about the digesting system and processes.

Tell the young scholars in your life, family, school, class and neighborhood about the Ladder – where they can not only develop academic and career goals for their future, but have a whole lot of fun in the process. They will also be actively supported and challenged to pursue their goals by mentors and resources from the University of Minnesota Academic Health Sciences schools & colleges, the North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program, and Broadway Family Medicine. In addition, young scholars will be learning along side and supported by peers from their own communities and neighborhoods in North Minneapolis.

The next meeting of the Ladder is Saturday, November 14th (always the second Saturday of the month!) at 12:30pm and open to scholars, parents and supporters agers 9 and older. There’s always learning AND fun – plus free lunch! The next meeting of the Ladder will be at the usual spot – the UROC building (2001 Plymouth Ave N) in North Minneapolis.

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A Scholar Listens,
A Scholar Teaches and,
A Scholar Learns.

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