Vitals and Shock! Great day at The Ladder

What a great day at The Ladder, wonderful turnout of students and mentors multiple small groups learning and teaching each other all about vital signs, shock , and sepsis!

Breaking into small groups keeps everyone involved and engaged. This small group is learning how to treat someone in the ICU, Intensive Care Unit who has a very bad infection, also known as sepsis, by playing a medical video game.


This small group is learning what “vital signs” are and how to use clinic machines donated by Broadway Family Medicine Clinic, to learn how to measure a patients blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate/pulse, and temperature.  At The Ladder we follow the time honored medical learning practice of “See One, Do One, Teach One” so everybody gets to be hands on in their learning!


Please tell the young learners in your life, your family, your neighborhood, who may wanted to be in a healthcare career, nurses, doctors, Veterinarians, EMT, paramedics, physical therapist, and many many more to come join us at The Ladder. We will help them with their goals in school and in life.

Next meeting September 12th 2015 at UROC at 2001 Plymouth Ave North, from 12:30-2:30 every second Saturday of each month.

The Ladder, “Lift as you climb, Build as you Grow”

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