Next Session of The Ladder – January 10th: The Eye!

[Please note: this month’s Ladder will be at the Urban League – 2100 Plymouth Ave N. in north Minneapolis, right across from the UROC. Park at UROC building and safely cross over Plymouth Ave to the Urban League]

We humans by and large are equipped with two eyes that do the lions’ share of helping us make our way in the world.


However, not only is the world filled with people whose vision is less than 100% perfect (do you wear glasses or contacts?), there are also plenty of people who are visually impaired as a result of a disease, injury or simply being born with less than two perfectly working eyes. The field of medicine includes a variety specialties, tools and practices which address eye health and function ranging from prescribing lenses or using lasers to correct vision to treating infections and diseases of the eye to treating diseases like diabetes which aren’t eye-centered diseases but which can impact eye function.

Join us this coming Saturday, January 10th, for the next session of the Ladder where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the eye – how it works and how medical professionals assess, diagnose and treat eye conditions. AND you’ll spend time with physicians and medical students who can provide you insight into what it takes to become a physician and how you can get on the path to a career as a physician or other healthcare professional!

So bring your eyes and the rest of you for the next opportunity for medical fun and learning on Saturday January 10th at 12:30pm at the Urban League (2100 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis) – lunch will be provided! The Urban League building is reachable by Metro Transit bus routes 19, 32 & 7.

Have a bulletin board or wall-space for info-posting? Print this off and post! Curious about what the Ladder is all about? See for yourself!

The Ladder is a Society of Medical Scholars ages 9 to 99. Meetings are every second Saturday of the month.

A Scholar Reads,
A Scholar Listens,
A Scholar Teaches and,
A Scholar Learns.

Service Learning, Leadership Development, and Cascading Mentorship

“Lift as you Climb, Build as you Grow”

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