Next Ladder Meeting: The Eyes Have It!

Your eyes (or eye, if you’re like this guy) are one of the main ways you interact with the world; in fact it’s pretty likely you’re using them to read this right now.


If you think about it – it’s really kind of amazing what these soft round marbles in our heads do to let us see so much of the world. Which makes you wonder – how do they do it? How do they capture what’s going on around you and send that info off to your brain? And what makes eyes different colors like brown or blue or green or hazel? Why do we see things in color while some animals see without color? Why do some people need to wear glasses, while some people don’t? What do healthy eyes look and act like, what kinds of things can go wrong with them, and what sorts of tests can be done to figure out (and fix!) problems with eyes?

There are a million different amazing, weird and awesome things to learn about the eyes, and at the next meeting of The Ladder, you’ll have a chance to learn about a few of them, as well as how and what kind of medical professionals are involved in taking care of our eyes.

So bring your eyes (and the rest of you) and join us for lunch (provided!), learning and (as always!) fun at the next meeting of the Ladder Saturday August 10th at 12:30pm at the UROC building (2001 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis). The UROC building is reachable by Metro Transit bus routes 19, 32 & 7.

See you there!

The Ladder is a Society of Medical Scholars ages 9 to 99, and meetings are the second Saturday of every month and open to anyone and everyone.

“Lift as you Climb, Build as you Grow”

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