March Ladder Meeting Recap – The Heart!

At March’s meeting of the Ladder, the focus was on the heart: learning different ways of listening to the heart, what a healthy heart sounds like, and how to reset a heart that’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.

Medical scholars learned how to take their own and others’ pulses – including on the wrist…


…and on the foot. Did you know you have pulse points on your feet?

Taking a pulse via the foot

Medical scholars learned to use stethoscopes to listen to the sound of their own hearts:


Have you ever seen one of these?


These Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are devices available in many public places which, simply by the application of their sensors as directed, can save a life by preventing heart failure. Medical scholars at the March meeting got practice in using these devices:


Join us for the next meeting of the Ladder on April 13th at 12:30pm at the UROC building in North Minneapolis where you too can be a medical scholar, as well as meet our special guest Dr. David Olson who will join us to talk about sports medicine, muscles and bones!

A Scholar Reads,
A Scholar Listens,
A Scholar Teaches and,
A Scholar Learns.

Service Learning, Leadership Development, and Cascading Mentorship

“Lift as you Climb. Build as you Grow”

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