Come and Join us! October 13, 2013 is NEXT Meeting

Next meeting is Saturday, October 13th

The Ladder is that it is an inter-generational club with members from fourth grade all the way through practicing physicians and includes all the steps in between.


The Ladder is a
Society of Medical Scholars
From ages 9 years old and up , Elementary and Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, College and all the way to full grown Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, EMTs, etc.

A Scholar Reads,
A Scholar Listens,
A Scholar Teaches and,
A Scholar Learns.

Service Learning, Leadership Development, and Cascading Mentorship

“Lift as you Climb. Build as you Grow”

Join us, OCTOBER 13, 2012
12:30 UROC Building 2001 Plymouth Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

The Ladder Agenda, Introductory meeting

12:30 -12:45  Sign in and mingle
12:45  Welcome and introduction to The Ladder, interactive

1:15 Break to get snack as small groups
1:20 Small groups peer to peer introductions, interactive

1:50 Bathroom break, return to small groups at 2pm

2:00 Hands on Activities, in Small groups
                  15 minute rotations in each area
                  “Automatic Electronic Defibrillator” experience,
                  “You Read an Xray “experience,
                  “Name that Health Professional” game,
                   and More
2:45 Reconvene Large Group Extend offer of Membership

3pm End

Simultaneous offering for Family and Friends, Blood Pressure screenings will occur before and during meeting

The Ladder, “Lift as you Climb. Build as you Grow

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